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Here are pages related to publications between 2002 and 2007.

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- Valence Bond Approach of Metal Ligand Bonding in the Dewar-Chatt-Duncanson Model
M. Linares, B. Braïda, S. Humbel Inorg. Chem 2007, 46 11390–11396.
- Hückel Theory for Lewis Structures: Hückel-Lewis Configuration Interaction (HL-CI)
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- Getting the Weights of Lewis Structures out of Hückel Theory.
Hückel-Lewis Configuration Interaction (HL-CI)
S. Humbel J. Chem. Educ. 2007, 84, 1056–1061.
- Quantifying π Effects Through a Lewis Valence Bond Approach: Application to Haloallyl and carbonyl Cations
M. Linares, B. Braïda, S. Humbel Faraday Discussions 2007, 135, 273–283.

- Growing graphene sheets from reactions with methyl radicals: A quantum chemical study
Y. Carissan, W. Klopper ChemPhysChem 2006, 7, 1770-1778.
- Density functional study of methyl chemisorption on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
BV, Unterreiner, Y. Carissan, W. Klopper ChemPhysChem 2006, 7, 1311-1321.
- What can we do with an effective group potential?
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- Reactivity of Dialkylzirconium Species and Solvent Polarity
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- Lewis-Based Valence Bond Scheme: Application to the Allyl Cation
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- Theoretical study of the intramolecular CH(pi) interaction effect on rotation energy barriers in 1-pentene, 2,2'-diisopropyl biphenyl and some amino and nitro derivatives
M. Linares, A. Pellegatti, C. Roussel J. Mol. Struct. Theochem, 2004, 680, 169-180
- Theoretical study of the semi-hydrogenation of alkynes catalyzed by Pd(0) complexes: Is a zwitterionic pathway possible?
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- Calculation of the ground and excited states of a mixed valence compound [Fe-2(OH)(3)(NH3)(6)](2+) : A class II or class III compound?
Y. Carissan, J.-L. Heully, F. Alary, J.-P. Daudey Inorg. Chem. 2004, 43, 1411-1420.

- Trans-Bis-[(-)ephedrinate]-palladiumII Complex: Synthesis, molecular modeling and use as catalyst
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- Configurational Stability of Chlorophosphines
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- Effective group potentials: a powerful tool for hybrid QM/MM methods?
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- Specific Solvent Effect on R2ZrCl2 (R = Butyl, Ethyl) Reactivity, a Density Functional Study
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- Short Strong Hydrogen Bonds: A Valence Bond Analysis
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